Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Furniture Village London Stores

Furniture Village London offer the following from their business based in London. Large national furniture retailer offering Sofas, beds, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture.

Furniture Village London
Company Contact details:
Furniture Village London Full Postal Address
Pegasus Way
N11 3PW

Furniture Village London Telephone Number:020 8362 8690

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Biting the Wooden Bullett

I think it is time we also bit the bullet with regard to our site and actually started to cover the company furniture village and started to feature some of their stores across the UK as well as the odd voucher code.

To keep the theme going maybe we will use them to benchmark the deals you can get from some of the independent sites found in hamlets and villages in the UK.

So moving forward this is what we will do. So next month we will have an update looking at Rustic Furniture in Furniture Village and then compare it to what you can get in some independent stores.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Welcome to Village Furniture

So Furniture Village what is our little site about? Well it is about buying furniture in villages! These days of huge coporations means that every major city or town has a load of offers when it comes to buying furniture but what of the little guy the shop down the road.

There are loads of great little furniture stores around the country based in little villages and hamlets trying to sell furniture and make a living. These are largely buried in a wave of large corporations mass advertising on TV and dominating the internet. So our intention is to help them out, they do not know what SEO or PPC means they are largely unnoticied online and are stuck trying to advertise in local press.

Well we are here to help we will become the number one site for those little companies that have been around forever and help give them a little boost when it comes to online advertising.

So here is our opening statement if you have a little furniture store fill in the form we will list your business free, yes free of charge! Send us some photos of what you offer and we will help out by putting them here and list your telephone number and contact details free of charge.

Oh and we have to say this we are sod all to do with the company Furniture Village. If you are looking to support your local independant furniture retailer who is likely located in a village then you have come to the right place.

If you are after the company Furniture Village then no we are not it.